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The Auditor of State's Office provides educational opportunities to keep Ohio's local government officials up-to-date on Ohio laws.

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The Certified Public Records Training, established by House Bill 9, covers records retention basics, Ohio’s Public Records Act and Ohio’s Open Meetings Act.


Find training material, recorded training sessions and information on upcoming training sessions for the Uniform Accounting Network financial system.



2017: Community School Webinar — Community Schools often have contracts that call for compensation to be based on a percentage of revenue received by the school. This webinar explains how factors often change community school foundation revenue after year end, and therefore a true-up is required. This true-up is not just referring to ‘claw backs’, it is referring to any changes that affect funding or payments, and could apply to every community school. Failure to properly ‘true-up’ could result in findings for recovery.

  • 9/2017: You may access the client webinar here, the slides here and a Q&A here.
  • 11/2017: You may access the auditor webinar here, and the slides here.

Fiduciary Training Webinar — For information regarding the Auditor of State's fiduciary training programs, visit section 117.441 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Notes to the Financial Statements for Small, Non-GAAP Entities — To assist fiscal officers/clerks of townships, villages, special districts and other small non-GAAP entities to prepare their annual notes to the financial statements. Per Auditor of State Bulletin 2015-007, all entities are required to file their annual financial statements and notes to the financial statements via the Hinkle Annual Financial Data Reporting System (Hinkle System) to satisfy the requirements of Ohio Revised Code 117.38 or other applicable statutory requirements. This webinar focuses on the preparation of Notes to the Financial Statements, which is an integral part of the Hinkle System filing requirement.

Uniform Guidance Webinar – On December 19, 2014, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published their final interim rule on “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards”, also known as the Super‐Circular or Uniform Guidance. This rule supersedes and streamlines requirements from OMB Circulars A‐87, A‐21, A‐122, A‐102, A‐110, A‐89, A‐133, and parts of A‐50. This session will give an overview of the significant changes made, and the effective dates of such. Entities receiving any federal grants are impacted by this, because the general guidelines that apply to all federal grants are included in the Uniform Guidance. Download Presentation Slides

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Financial Management Training

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The Auditor of State's Office helps public financial officials comply with Ohio laws that require elected officials receive continuing training in the investment and management of public finances. 

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