New Fiscal Officers

The Auditor of State's Office provides tools for new fiscal officers. Here, we offer training materials and resources to new fiscal officers that will enhance their basic knowledge and understanding in their new position.


Hinkle System


  • The Fiscal Integrity Act, passed by the 130th General Assembly and enacted on March 23, 2015, is intended to help deter accounting errors and fraud, raising the bar of accountability for fiscal officers in the state. Newly elected fiscal officers must complete six hours of initial courses before their term or within the first year. Additional requirements are detailed on the Fiscal Integrity Act page noted below. The Auditor of State’s office offers a variety of trainings, including the Local Government Officials Conference, the Village Officers Training, Certified Public Records, Cybersecurity and the Fraud Conference.
  • AOS training schedule
  • Fiscal Integrity Act
  • Certified Public Records trainings

Local Government Services

  • The Local Government Services division of the Auditor of State’s Office is intended to serve as a consulting and fiscal advisory group to all government agencies, school systems and political subdivisions. Our staff of supervisors have hundreds of years of combined experience offering quality assistance to government entities throughout Ohio.
  • LGS webpage
  • LGS factsheet

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