Uniform Accounting Network

The Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) is a financial software package created by the Auditor of State’s office to support the accounting, payroll and financial management activities of local governments in Ohio.

UAN, along with computer equipment and technical support provided by the Auditor of State's office, makes it easier for public officials to apply the required accounting standards to their financial record keeping. Currently, more than 2,000 Ohio townships, village, libraries, special districts and cities are using UAN in their daily operations.

More than 2,000 Ohio townships, village, libraries, special districts and cities are currently using UAN

UAN Modules


Accounting Modules

The Accounting Module processes all accounting transactions such as warrants, receipts, purchase orders, blanket certificates and bank reconciliations. Users are able to compile financial reports and perform other activities.


Payroll Module

The Payroll Module provides users with the ability to process payroll checks, track employee earnings and withholdings and submit Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs). Many reports are available for both internal and external reporting purposes.


Budget Module

The Budget Module prepares reports that will show financial data in several different formats. Internally, this software can be used as a financial planning tool. The budget and trend software can also be used to prepare and create an annual budget containing all data required by your county auditor.


Inventory Module

The Inventory Module provides the ability to track the purchase of various assets. The description of the item, date purchased, original cost, and the location of the asset are items that the software tracks. The software can also produce several different inventory reports.


Cemetery Module

The Cemetery Module allows entities to establish cemeteries, track the sale of plots and record burial information for each plot. The system has the capability of generating and printing cemetery deeds as well as a variety of cemetery reports.


uan module example 1

To help roll into the next year, a Year End Checklist is provided as part of the Accounting & Payroll modules.

uan module example 2

Process employee wages quickly and efficiently.

uan module example 3

Streamline your monthly bank reconciliations.


The #1 Utilized Government Financial Package

UAN is used by:

  • 90% of Ohio Townships
  • 70% of Ohio Villages
  • 60% of Ohio Public Libraries
  • Special Districts and Cities

Current with Industry Standards

The five-module system allows you to:

  • Produce your Annual Financial Report (Regulatory or GASB) in one click
  • Meet GASB 54 requirements with a Fund Classification Utility

Fixed Costs and No Extra Fees

A software purchase supplies:

  • Software upgrades and Annual Releases
  • Application and Technical Support – including Saturday support hours
  • UAN Conferences and Training – offered in the classroom and on-line

Software Balances Technology with Function

UAN designed with clients in mind:

  • Software is fully networkable and allows multiuser access
  • User focus groups and surveys aid in determining future enhancements

Getting Started

To begin your participation, your local government will need to complete and return a UAN User Agreement.

UAN User Agreement

UAN schedules the acceptance of new clients to ensure we are able to provide ample support. Instruction is offered at our training center in Columbus. In addition, on-site assistance will be provided to help with the conversion to the UAN application.

More Questions?

Have questions? Give UAN Support a call at (800) 833-8261 or send an e-mail to UAN_Support@OhioAuditor.gov

Participation Fees

The UAN Program Participation Fees are composed of two components: a monthly User Fee based on the total resources of the entity as shown in the table below and a Hardware Surcharge of $50 per month for each entity.

Total Resources Monthly Fees
Minimum Maximum  
$0 $50,000 $8
$50,001 $100,000 $18
$100,001 $150,000 $30
$150,001 $200,000 $37
$200,001 $250,000 $44
$250,001 $300,000 $51
$300,001 $350,000 $62
$350,001 $400,000 $72
$400,001 $450,000 $83
$450,001 $500,000 $95
$500,001 $600,000 $105
$600,001 $750,000 $135
$750,001 $1,000,000 $165
$1,000,001 $2,500,000 $215
$2,500,001 $5,000,000 $255
$5,000,001 $7,500,000 $280
$7,500,001 $10,000,000 $300
$10,000,001 MORE $325