Skinny Ohio

Building skinnier, smarter government by providing efficient, cost-effective services to Ohio's local governments and communities.

The Auditor of State's Office created as a resource for smarter, streamlined government. The site includes a performance audit database, a Shared Services Idea Center and tools and resources for local governments interested in collaborating.

Performance Audits

Performance Audits identified more than $211 million in potential savings for Ohioans.

Performance audits provide elected officials and government employees with an objective, third-party analysis of their operations to help them improve performance, reduce costs, and make informed, data-driven decisions. The Auditor of State’s office conducts performance audits of Ohio’s schools, local governments and state agencies.

Under Auditor Yost, the Ohio Performance Team (OPT) has completed 92 performance audits of local governments and school districts, identifying more than $115 million in potential savings. Additionally, OPT has completed eight performance audits of state agencies, identifying nearly $96 million in potential savings with an average return on investment of $33.40.

Shared Services

To help local governments and school districts do more with less, Auditor Yost worked with the General Assembly to make it easier for entities to engage in shared services agreements. Collaborating with other public entities through shared services ultimately saves Ohioan’s tax dollars.

Taxpayer Hero Award

Taxpayer Heroes demonstrate initiative with innovative ideas to cut costs, increase efficiency, and protect tax dollars for Ohio’s local governments and school districts.