Open Government Trainings

Certified Public Records Trainings

The Auditor of State offers classes around the state each year. Click on the registration link to see the nearest training to you, or read the FAQs to learn how to request an open government seminar in your community.

Training Requirements

Ohio Revised Code §109.43(B) and 149.43(E)(1) require that officials elected to statewide or local office receive three hours of Public Records training for each term of office. The training is designed to enhance the elected officials’ knowledge of the duty to provide access to public records. The training received must be certified by the Ohio Attorney General. Proof that training has been completed must include documentation that either the Attorney General’s office or another entity certified by the Attorney General provided the training the elected official received. It is expected that attendees who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate that will serve as proof of training. The Attorney General will have a list of those entities that have been certified to provide this training.

If the elected official so chooses, the law allows a designee to be appointed to receive the training on the elected official’s behalf. The designee must be an employee in the public office and there must be evidence of the designation. If there is more than one elected official in the public office, the designee should be the designee of all of the elected officials within the office.

The AOS will require documentation that the elected official or his/her designee successfully completed three hours of public records training for each term of office. If an elected official chooses to use a designee, the designee must be an employee in the public office and there must be documentation of the designation.

Open Government Seminars

The Auditor of State's office leads seminars on Ohio's Public Records Act, Ohio's Open Meetings Act, and Records Retention Basics. Discover the details for an informative and lively seminar for local government officials, constituents and interested groups.

How much does an Open Government Seminar cost?

Open Government Seminars are FREE!

Who do I contact to schedule an open government seminar?

Please call the Open Government Unit at the Auditor of State’s Office at (800) 282-0370 or (614) 466-2929. All Certified Public Records Trainings are scheduled at least three months in advance. This provides time for approval from the Supreme Court and ample time for online registration.

What topics are discussed?

We offer seminars on the topics of Record Retention Basics, Ohio’s Public Records Act, and Ohio’s Open Meetings Act. Additionally, we offer the Certified Public Records Training established by House Bill 9, which covers all three of the aforementioned topics.

What will the Open Government Unit provide?

All participants will receive handouts on the seminar’s topic and a copy of Ohio Sunshine Laws; An Open Government Resource Manual. Additionally, we will provide a laptop computer and a projector to run presentations. We also will provide a speaker who is a respected expert on Ohio’s open government laws.

Contact Us

Call (800) 282-0370 or (614) 466-2929 to schedule a training in your area.

How long does a seminar last?

Length varies depending on the topics covered and the audience. The Open Government Unit can assist you in tailoring a seminar that meets the specific needs and time requirements of your audience.

Average length of the seminars is as follows:

  • Records retention basics: 1.5 hours
  • Ohio’s Public Records Act: 2 hours
  • Ohio’s Open Meetings Act: 1 hour

What are my responsibilities with seminar presentations?

For the above-referenced seminars, you are responsible for securing a location, inviting attendees (minimum of 35 people required), promoting the seminar and providing a projection screen or blank wall for PowerPoint presentations.