Overpayments Highlight Need to Monitor Compensation Rates

By the Auditor of State’s Office

The Auditor of State’s office identified thousands of dollars in overpayments this past year to township fiscal officers and trustees whose pay exceeded the rates permitted by state law.

Legislative Update: House Bill 5

By the Auditor of State’s Office

A bill aimed at boosting efficiency in Ohio’s local governments passed through the Ohio House of Representatives in May and was signed by Governor Kasich June 14.

More than 320 Education Leaders Attend Two-day Summit on Community Schools

Education leaders who gathered at a Charter School Summit in Columbus heard from the nation's foremost experts on community schools, discussing how to interpret recent changes in Ohio law that will improve accountability and listening to inspirational speeches from widely respected speakers and charter school graduates.

16th Year of Fraud Conference Sees Continued Increase in Turnout, Interest in Fraud Prevention

Nearly 700 People Attend First Day of Two-Day Conference

When Janice D’Alessandro worked on her first statewide Fraud Conference in 2002, about 115 people attended the training program offered through the state Auditor’s office.

Annual Fraud-Prevention Conference Draws Experts from Public, Private Sectors

Fraud can strike anywhere weak internal controls and opportunities for easy money exist.

Auditor of State Dave Yost’s office catches much of it at the state and local government levels – more than $22 million in illegally spent or stolen public dollars since 2011. But the Auditor’s examinations are limited to public entities funded by tax dollars. 

Hundreds of Officials Turn Out for Anti-Fraud Training

About 650 local officials – including mayors, school board members, financial officers and attorneys – participated in training to detect fraud and theft through a new statewide initiative of Auditor of State Dave Yost.

Anti-Fraud Workshops: “Auditor Yost needs to make this training mandatory”

The impact of fraud on our public institutions is devastating: $3 million from a county, $1.2 million at a community schools and $1.1 million at 19 schools in one district. 

The Pitfalls of Petty Cash

By the Auditor of State’s Office

Petty cash funds can offer local governments an easy method of payment when the need arises to make small, occasional purchases.

Statewide Fraud Training Draws Capacity Crowd; Six More Free Sessions Planned

More than 70 public officials and employees were trained yesterday on how to prevent fraud or detect it as soon as possible as part of a series of seminars provided by State Auditor Dave Yost’s office.